In Which We Prepare To End the School Year and Captain Daddy Returns

We are tumbling toward the end of our homeschool year; we will officially wrap up during the second week of May. After a bit of traveling and a few extra days off for planning, we’ll be right back at it. 

It is actually quite on par for us to only take ten days to a few weeks off between wrapping up one grade and starting the next. Last year we took more substantial time between “school years” . . . but we were also doing that whole Move Everything And Everyone Across The Country thing and that was a wee bit time consuming.

We’ve tried other methods {i.e., taking a full summer break} but it always results in an epic fail. I think because our school time is so relaxed in general, the Agents don’t feel compelled to take a “break” from it. Too much time without our routine just makes everyone grumpy and out of sorts.

We do make periodic trips to our Happy Place, so there's that

Anyway, we are working to get to a good stopping point in all of our subjects. As we finish up, those things get dropped one by one until we are down to just independent reading and/or staring at each other over a math workbook once a day. 

For instance, we will finish our current geography book at the end of next week, so we simply won’t start any new geography topics for the last part of the year. Once we finish our world history we’re in the middle of {China}, we’ll put that aside next. Art and music are pretty much done now. Math and language arts will survive till the bitter end, though. 

Our big news for the week is that after 191 days {yes; we counted} Dear Hubby {aka, Captain Daddy} has returned and all is right with the world again. Deployment time is weird. When your in the middle of it, it simultaneously feels like he just left yesterday and he’s been gone for 100 years. Yet once he’s back it’s like he never left. It makes no sense.

Waiting mostly patiently at the airport for Daddy

On a related note, we are renaming the cat Benedict, because in spite of the fact that Hubby hasn’t been around for more than six months and is not even a cat person and the Agents and I have done everything for this furball while he’s been gone, this pathetic Traitor Feline is falling all over him every waking moment like he’s the best thing since catnip.

Good thing he's cute

Anyhoo . . . as far as specifics, this week we are continuing our usual math and language arts, looking at Australia and New Zealand for geography, continuing our book of mathematician biographies, reading about Pablo Picasso, studying mammal evolution, and looking at ancient China, among other topics.

We’re also continuing to plan for next year, because planning makes me happy. You can read about what we have in store here, and here, and here, and did I mention here?


  1. I love planning too. We had a cat like Benedict. He was even worse, because he decided he like the neighbor family better than us. He refused to move with us. He is happily a retired cat with a retired couple ~ no kids.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Ha! Cats, what can you do with them? They all have a mind of their own. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn. Have a great weekend.